Customizable Facebook Canvas Ad

Bring It

We wanted to empower our guest to "bring it" this Thanksgiving whether they were hosting or simply bringing a dish. This campaign included everything from a unique Pinterest recipe generator to a Choose Your Own Foodventure Youtube series to TV to Facebook canvas to pins for days and more.

Customizable Facebook Canvas Ad

We hacked a Facebook canvas to make it totally customizable. The user could swap and select the dishes they love to complete their Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving Meal Planner Pinterest Experience

This unique Pinterest experience served up a complete pin board of recipes based on each user's unique preferences. 

Choose Your Own Foodventure Youtube Series

We partnered with Melissa d'Arabian from Food Network to host our first-ever customizable video experience. Click the menu in the upper right to start the foodventure.

The Team

Art Directors: Kyle Gustafson, Kelsey Ciatti-Miller, Sara Lintner, Laura Delmonico

Copywriters: Lukas Miller & Jesse Gadola


TV: Daniel Skoglund

Social: Josh Lane & Ryan Hanson